eMail Validator

eMail Validator Overview

This powerful application allows you to validate and verify a large amount of emails in a very small about of time. It is simple to use, and scalable enough to hold millions of email addresses. It can be used to clean up customer or client emails, newsletters, and much more.

Feature List

The demo version is restricted to opening the application 10 times.

Here is a brief listing of its features:

  • Import and export emails in comma delimited format.
  • Easy to use, point-and-click interface.
  • Syntax Checking of the email
    • Validates for valid and invalid characters
    • Checks for proper email address format
    • Checks against list of valid Top Level Domains
  • Doman Name Server (DNS) and MX Record Validation
    • Looks up the domain name to ensure it is a proper website with a valid mail server
  • SMTP Connection validation
    • Connects to the domain’s mail server, and attemps to make a connection with the email address to verify that email exists on that server.

More Info

eMail Validator
Version 2.2

System Requirements
Java Version 1.4+
Mac OS 10.3+
Windows 2000/ME/XP/Vista

Price: $25

Demo is available. This software is offered on a trial basis. Once a serial key is purchased, no refunds are given.

System Requirements
Mac OS 10.5+

Mac Download