MacPrivacy Overview

MacPrivacy allows you to quickly, securely, and easily clear sensitive information from your machine. It can clear history and caches from browsers, video players, and system information. All information is securely deleted, so it can’t be retrieved. It also includes ability to securely delete any files or folders you specify. MacPrivacy runs as a small menulet in your top menu so it is convenient and simple to access.
We are working to add additional applications/features. If you have a request, please email us.

Feature List

The demo version is restricted to opening the application 10 times.

Here is a brief listing of its features:

  • Securely delete sensitive information with 7 US Department of Defense compliant passes
    • Browsers: Clear cache/history/downloads from Safari & Firefox
      • Support for Safari 4
    • Video Players: Clear cache/history/ from Quicktime and VLC
    • Image Viewers: Clear cache/history/ from Preview app
    • Recent Files
    • Clipboard Contents
    • DNS Cache
    • Delete Selected Files and Folders off your hard drive
  • Quick tools prevent others from viewing your information
    • Launch Safari in Private Browsing Mode with 1 click - New!
    • Create encrypted, password protected disk images that auto-resize as you add content - New!
    • Lock screen with password
    • Show screensaver
    • Fast quit related apps
    • Stealth mode

Below are screenshots: (Click on image for a larger view):

More Info

Version 1.6

Price: $15

Demo is available. This software is offered on a trial basis. Once a serial key is purchased, no refunds are given.

Watch a video tutorial

System Requirements
Mac OS 10.5+

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