eCommerce Plugin

Servoy eCommerce Credit Card Plugin

This is a credit card plugin for Servoy that allows you to easily charge credit cards from your Servoy application. This plugin works with multiple gateways and merchants as listed below. Contact us if you want the plugin to work with a different gateway or merchant, or need help with custom integration.

Multiple Merchant and Gateway Support

Plug-in Features

  • Built-in Demo Mode- Run the plugin in demo/sandbox mode to test your custom integration.
  • Server-Side or Client-Side- You can choose if you want the authorization connections to happen from the server, or from the client.
  • Sample Code- Get started quickly with sample code included with the plugin.

More Info

eCommerce Plug-in

Version 1.0

Servoy Version: 3.x – 5.x

Price: $1,000 / server

Try it: Contact us for a demo license and more information

Ph: (513) 296-0091
Email [email protected]